Graphite Black Is The New Black

graphite black - satin black - wrinkled black (Discount Metal Balusters)

Sleek and sophisticated, Graphite Black is anything but basic.This contemporary black is enhanced by the reflective quality of the stainless steel material in a beautiful satin finish.

Powdered coated options like Satin Black in its understated matte finish and Wrinkled Black with its durable, textured finish will always be tried and true choices. However, if you’re looking to add a little bit of drama, a colored stainless steel spindle in Graphite Black will deliver statement-making style with ultimate versatility.

(Image: Graphite Black, Satin Black, Wrinkled Black)

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Our iron spindles are in many homes across Canada. From Newfoundland (NL) and the Maritimes, to Ontario (ON) and Central Canada, as far west as British Columbia (BC).

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