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The coating is applied electrostatically and then cured under heat which causes it to form a kind of “skin.” Usually powder is used to coat metals, but there are a number of potential applications. Powder coat is very durable and has become the industry standard for coating metal balusters.

Yes we do home delivery to all cities Canada wide. You will get a tracking number emailed to you on the day of ship out. So you can track your orders movement.

This simply means that some plain shaft balusters ( round or square ) can have a collar added on to them. The loose adjustable collars allow the buy to set the height of placement to meet your needs as you simple tighten a small ( almost hidden) set screw.

We will email you a link to our secure online credit card form page with the email of your finalized formal quote. You simply fill the form out, scan it and email it back to us as a PDF or a JPG

100% no problem for us, we can ship directly your home or to the nearest UPS shipping terminal to hold for you.

The term “Satin” simply means the sheen the stainless steel balusters are actually polished interior grade stainless there is no finish on them they’re simply run through a drum polisher to give them a nice final look which is very I pleasing ( Note: the square shaft stainless steel balusters are more of a dull matte finish as they cannot be polished through the round drum sander machinery ).

Yes we do typically $150.00 sub total.

Door to Door Delivery

We ship our metal stair parts “door to door” to all provinces and territories.

Our iron spindles are in many homes across Canada. From Newfoundland (NL) and the Maritimes, to Ontario (ON) and Central Canada, as far west as British Columbia (BC).

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